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Grayton Beach Real Estate

Grayton Beach. A little iconic place that takes you back in time. Cottages that look like they have been there since the beginning of time coexist with new construction that spans several stories and take in sweeping views of the beach. The streets meander, and almost seem to be built around the trees that will envelope you as you drive or bike through. The road to Grayton Beach stops at the beach, and what a beach. The only place in the area that those lucky enough to snag a permit can drive their vehicle right on to the beach. And a few lucky charter boats can launch their boats from there as well. Few visit this area without at least driving through this sleepy little place and stopping in at Red Bar, which is a story all to itself. Funky, fun, you never know what or who you might see at Red Bar, as celebrities have been known to wander in. One of the oldest communities on 30A, Grayton Beach is for those that are looking for something a little different than the norm. The sign that you will see driving through Grayton Beach, “Nice dogs, strange people” lets you in on the vibe.